Simple and Speedy: Girlie’s 3rd Birthday Countdown

28 Feb

After seeing this tutorial for the birthday countdown frame that Tiffany at lemon tree creations made, I knew Girlie needed a countdown for her upcoming 3rd birthday. She loved doing the advent calendar this year in anticipation of Christmas, so this was a great way to build the excitement for her birthday. And Tiffany’s post had perfect timing, since it came out just before Girlie’s 2 and 11/12th’s birthday. I looked a couple of places for number cards but I couldn’t find a set that numbered high enough. I figured I would come up with another solution and then sort of forgot became so busy with other things it didn’t happen right away.

So when we were talking about how her friend’s birthday on Friday came just two weeks before hers, the idea for a countdown came back again. I decided on a paper chain because it was free using paper we already had, easy to make and could work with Girlie’s newfound excitement over letters and spelling (thank you WordWorld.) Time to make a two week countdown!

Using my well-loved hand-me-down paper cutter (I think it’s older than I am) I cut 4 colors of paper into strips that were 1.5″x8.5″, leaving one wider segment of about 3″x8.5″ for my sign.

Borrowing Girlie’s markers I labeled the strips one through fourteen using both the words and numerals. Shes is really good at recognizing the numbers through 10, but the bigger ones are still tricky.

craft 109

Then I scotch taped the ends of the strips together to form the chain. I made sure that the pieces were long enough to overlap on the ends which helped the loops keep their shape.

craft 111

Ta da!

craft 112

Using a wreath hook I hung the chain and the sign I made on our coat closet door. The nice part about doing a two week countdown is that it is enough time to get her excited, but…

craft 115

…it keeps the chain short enough that her toddler brother can’t grab it and yank it down.  She likes seeing the chain get shorter knowing that it means her birthday is coming and I like that she happily puts the removed pieces in the recycle bin each morning.

craft 113

Happy birthday counting down!

And speaking of birthdays, March is the month of 6 birthdays for us! Girlie, The Daddy, my little brother, and both Grandpas and my best friend (all 3 on the same day!) Since that makes March a bit spendy, I’ve decided to make it the month of Make-Do Crafting. You know the rhyme “use it up, wear it out, make-do or do without”? This month will be all about using what I have, either from my craft stash or by recycling items for new crafty purposes. There will also be a week devoted to birthday party ideas from the 3 kid parties that we’ve celebrated and the 4th we’re gearing up for. I’m really excited about some of the ideas I’ve already come up with! It should be a fun experiment (and make The Daddy happy to have the debit card cool off a bit. He doesn’t know yet that I have this planned. Surprise!)

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